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Miracles of Friendship

Until now I am still amazed to hear the story about the paralyzed man who was descended from the roof and healed by Jesus. It has been several times to me heard this story, and I admire the real core of this story. I admire how he was healed, but I’m more amazed how he was brought to that place. He was lifted up by four friends. That must be heavy. His house is probably far from where Jesus was located. Later, that place was filled with many people, so lifted a paralyzed man would be extremely hard.

Fortunately the four friends are genius enough. They carried the paralyzed man climbed onto the roof. Then they tied bed mattress where paralyzed man lied with four pieces of rope. After that they opened the roof. They held the rope and lowered the paralyzed man slowly to the ground floor. It must be hard. Must be cautious and  be balanced. Imagine how hard to lowered the sick man lying on the mattress with rope from the roof. When one rope was too rapid decline, it would cushion tilt and the man would be fell. Or what if one rope was cut. However, they succeeded. Great! Unbelievable friends that paralyzed man has.

Miracles of Friendship

Miracles of Friendship

Now let us see first what is written in Mark 2: 1-12 about this incident. Mark noted that at the time Jesus was preaching the word of God or was teaching. In the midst of teaching activities that occur suddenly a surprise interruption. Suddenly there was a bed down with a rope from the rooftops. On the mattress a paralyzed man laid. Jump all the people turned to it. They are no longer concerned him. Means, the teaching of Jesus is lost and disrupted.

Then what is the reaction of Jesus? It turned out that He accepted the interruption although he was shocked at what happened. Then Jesus gave compliments about the faith. The question comes here. Whose faith is praised? Mark notes, “When Jesus saw their faith …” (Mark 2:5). Lord Jesus commended their faith. Who are they here? They were fiends of the paralyzed man. Jesus judge their actions as an act of faith.

It is interesting that Jesus’ attention focused on friends of the paralyzed man. They’re still there on the roof. They could not come down. They probably stared and waited at the top. Apparently Jesus also looked up and see them. They may be afraid, because they had interfered Jesus who was teaching. After looking at their faces, then Jesus look down and looked at the man who looked worried and helpless.

The man was fortunate. He had good friends. Those who carry it, bring it to Jesus. They provide the passion and hope. His life was meaningful again. Without these friends, theparalyzed man might just lay alone at home without  a hope to be healed.

That’s the beauty friendly attitude. Acted as a best friend is a gift itself. A friend is who accept us as such we are. He knows our weaknesses and help us overcome them. He admires our advantage and reap the benefits of our lessons from it. Only the high-minded people can be friendly. He was clean of  jealousy and envy. He had absolutely no thoughts of sabotage or drop others, always think well.

As a student, we could have 100 friends, but a true friend can be counted on the fingers. To all of my friends, at the end of this term, maybe we’ll split up, no longer seeing each other. But I believe, until many years later as it was our true friend recalls gratefully.

I remember a few friends while at the school. They helped me in this school, from completing assignments, preparing for exams, and many other things. I also get a “Rokris” fellowship together and worship Lord Jesus. We are both grow in the Lord and be strengthened every day. We should make morning prayers, afternoon prayers, and other services to strengthen faith in Jesus.

Friendship is beautiful. Friendship is amazing. It would also be felt by paralyzed man in our story. Maybe until many years he remained remember those who carry it panting into the roof top. Those hands. Strong hands. Hands of the merciful. The hands of the companions. Friendship is awesome! How different the attitude of friendly hostility. Life would be peaceful by friends.

Now the man would be healthy. He has experienced the miracle of healing. But before that he had experienced another miracle, that is the miracles of  friendship.

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