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Why did Jesus Have to Die?

According to Bible, salvation is peace with God the Creator. Salvation is reconciling with God like the first time God walking with Adam in the Eden. Salvation also means good fellowship and peace between the God and His creation. However, due to sins, good relationship between God and man damaged with no peace at all. So, how could the relationship be reconciled ? How can I make peace with God again?

First, I want to tell you about my story. While I was in elementary school, my brother and I often play the ball in front of the house. One time, I kicked the ball too hard and broke the windows. Prank! My mother heard the broken glass sound then immediately came to see it. ” Well, Mom will definitely angry,” I thought. Although my brother and I finished playing the ball, my heart is not calm, not peace. This proves my relationship and Mom wasn’t peaceful.

Why did Jesus Have to Die and be Crucified?

Thinking about my case, how did I fix the relationship? First, I had to apologize to Mom. Second, Mom also had to forgive me. Is it enough? No! The windows was still be broken and dust entered into the house. So there was one thing still I had to do: I need to replace and repair windows. But because I was still in elementary school, of course I didn’t have any money. Finally, Mom had to replace windows with the new ones.

So, how about the first case? How can we get back with God? First, we have to apologize to God. Second, God should forgive us. And third, we have to replace all the damage caused by sin. But the problem is here: We can not replace all the damage at all. The damage is too big, even though we die, we can not replace it. Is the relationship could not go back? Is salvation impossible?

This is what God actually did. Just like Mom who replaced the broken glass, God also replaced all the damage caused by our sin. How could? God did this by Jesus. Jesus who is God Himself, born in the world, lived a sinless life, bear all the sin’s damage. This is why Jesus had to die on the cross.

With the death of Jesus, God completed all the three requirements above. God bear all the damage caused by sin so by that man could be saved. This is the answer why Jesus had to die.

If one of you got the question why Jesus had to die on the cross, you’ve already know the answer.

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