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Must Buy: Kyushu Rail Pass

When I took a train from Fukuoka Airport toward Taku City in Saga Prefecture, I saw this small information in the train. “Please search at the web,” said the poster. So when I arrived at the hotel, I open laptop and search about it immediately. The information is in Japanese, but I could understand all of them. In this post I would like to tell you about this valuable information, especially for you foreign students in Japan.

If you are in Japan as “Exchange Student” or “Student”, you are eligible to purchase Foreign Student Pass. You need to show the certificate of alien registration or Residence Card when you purchase.

Northern area 3 days at 7,000 yen and all area 3 days at 14,000 yen. You can take any JR trains in Kyushu except Sanyo Shinkansen between Kokura and Hakata/Hakata-Minami. But this Foreign Student Pass do not cover any reserved seat, as you know most of trains have both reserved (shitei seki) and non reserved (jiyuu seki) seat. But it’s ok since we can still use non reserved seat.

This pass do not cover any Green class seat (you can sleep here) and any JR Bus lines either. But the price is very reasonable. You can purchase this rail pass at most of stations in Kyushu and JR Kyushu travel center in Kyushu. You cannot purchase it in other than Kyushu area.

kyushu pass for foreign students

Information about Kyushu Rail Pass for Foreign Students.Northern area for 7000 yen, and all area needs 14000 yen.

When I told this to my friends who live in Kumamoto, Kyushu, they were so surprised as they don’t know this at all. As the consecutive holidays would come in the next weekend (June 13-15 ), I invited them to go with me travelling Kyushu. But because they have Shiken (test), they couldn’t join me. So finally, I travelling Northern Area of Kyushu alone. I went to Huis Ten Bosch and Nagasaki in Nagasaki Prefecture, Hakata and Fukuoka Beach in Fukuoka Prefecture, and Shimonoseki, Mojiko, Kokura in North Kyushu. In next posts I would tell you about my experience travelling Kyushu.

The pass is 7000 yen (about 7 hundred-thousands rupiah), but it was worth enough. As in 3 days, I took Super Express Train (Shinkansen) and Limited Express Train (Tokkyu) which need 30 thousand yen if I bought tickets separately. So, actually I saved 23 thousand yen in my trip.

Friends, if you are going to visiting Kyushu, don’t forget to buy this Pass. You’ll never regret it.

foreign students pass

Kyushu Rail Pass for Foreign students that I bought.

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