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Nagasaki At Night

Finally I finished my one-day trip to Nagasaki and went back to Nagasaki Station. I had to meet the last train to Taku at 21.43, so I took 20.22 train in Nagasaki. I took this grey train, JR Kamome Limited Express series 787. This train

Nagasaki Night View

The city of Nagasaki was authorized in 2012 by one of world’s three greatest night views. Here you could see some Nagasaki Night View photos.

Glover Garden Nagasaki

After enjoying the stained glass and the aura of the Church, I went next door to the Glover-en Garden. Oura Tenshudo and the Glover Garden are in an area called Minami-yamate, which became the foreigners’ quarter after the country was opened in the mid-19th century.

Christianity and Nagasaki

After taking a street car with route No. 5, get off at Oura-Tenshudo-shita stop and walking for about 15 minutes to the south hill of Nagasaki, I finally arrived at Oura Tenshudo Church. The admission was 300 Yen and I could enter the church building.

Nagasaki Station and Nagasaki Trams

I would like to tell about Nagasaki Station and Nagasaki Trams. Nagasaki is served by four tram lines across the city. Here are some information about the Trams. You can enter the tram through the rear door and exit through the front door. You  pay