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The End of a Long Journey

end of long journey

This picture above is taken when Youth of Christ in marriage of Kak Tony Tanuwidjaja

Oh My God, this may be the last day, my brother and I attended the worship of Christ Youth Duta Kranji. Yes, it is in accordance with its title, the end of a long journey, which is our long journey together with the Youth of Christ and Sunday School for more than eight years. Wow! We are still remember our memories in  following every event in the Youth of Christ. We are also still remember with the roll of drawing paper, playing with Dhika in the Tante Hanna’s catfish pool, have an Easter Day and a Christmas Day with friends, refreshing day in 2008, up till this day, we still can meet up with friends. Much love and grief that we feel on this trip, because we also follow Jesus, right?
In the Youth of Christ we learn a lot of things, we’ll describe some of them. The first, Youth Of Christ provides a comfortable place for us and certainly deepen our faith in Jesus Christ. Many testimonies and the Word of God which was distributed in each week that are directly or indirectly establish a good understanding of Christ for us. All members of the Youth of Christ as well as a Sunday school was a teacher, a good teacher, through the actions and ideas. Although only some of which we know in depth, because of the limitations of the opportunity to see that every week but overall,  guys are very meaningful to us.
Furthermore, this alliance has provided an opportunity for us to learn to organize themselves properly within the scope of Christianity. We get a lot of experience in organizing, ranging from just being a member, to become treasury and secretary. In fact, the Youth of Christ provides an opportunity for us to develop our hidden talents, namely in the field of written media in the form of news. We find the talent to design news, create banners and invitation cards, to write brief reflections or story on Christianity. You for giving us many opportunities to learn and work for God. Still remember the memories, the monthly news we’ve ever made as well as news edition cover the year that we made in December last year. Jesus has made us have to work hard to promote the Youth of Christ, and we are very grateful for it.
The third, Youth Of Christ has made us able to train and play guitar. Beginning of second grade junior high school, we were ‘forced’ to learn to play guitar, being sent out by Mom. The longer, more coercion  that mother gave made us realize that by playing the guitar, we also participate in the work of God’s ministry. We offer the thanks to Dhika Dinata, Kak Slamet, Ko Tony, who is patient and willing to share his knowledge to our hearts, especially in playing the guitar. Although until the end, we just are not able to serve the maximum for God and for the entire congregation, but we have been quite happy to be able to serve with friends and colleagues. Particularly in view for Dhika and the Worship Leader who had accompanied us, we apologize if we were not capable of playing the maximum. However, this is what we are capable of doing the maximum.
Last but not the last, Youth Of Christ has given us many new friends, especially friends who can support us spiritually. There are many problems and struggles that we faced during the elementary, junior high school, even until the early course today. Kak Fitri, Sister Esther, Dhika, Fredo. Wenny, Ribka, Rey, Simon, Hendra, and others. However, with a prayer and a spirit that is transmitted to us, we can continue living our lives today. We offer the thanks to you all, let the Lord Jesus who avenge it all to you with abundant blessing.
Life is a nice walk from one to the other hopefully. I hope it. Essentially, people really like to hear nice words from others, especially if the good wishes. That’s what we can announce to you all today, at the last meeting with us, again possibly last. We hope this alliance can continue until the second time Jesus will come into this world. Hopefully, all of you, the church of Christ Youth and families can continue to be blessed by the Lord Jesus. Hopefully, someday, either four or five years from now when we come back in one family, we remain a single family intact in Jesus, to become more and more, you know. Will we recalled all of our best friends, even though much has changed and the changes that come. Keep serving the Lord. As Paul goes to the church at Corinth in 1 Corinthians 15:58.
This may be the end of our meeting with you all, the end of a long journey, but this was a new beginning for us and you, a journey that is much longer than what we’ve been through so far, together we accompany the Lord with prayer together.

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