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Survived As Bamboo


Survived As Bamboo

The story of the Bamboo Princess was in several versions in Japan, Korea, and China. Culture in countries that uphold the privilege, beauty, and usefulness of bamboo trees.
Let’s see what privileges. Why bamboo is not uprooted during a storm or hurricane? Is it because its roots are deep? Pine roots are deeper. Is it because the stems stronger? Nor is it! Oak tree trunk is a stronger. Then why bamboo can withstand high winds or even typhoon?
Secrets of bamboo against strong wind lies in the attitude. When buffeted by storms, other trees stood stiff and upright, like it will challenge the power of the wind. As a result, twigs and stems can be broken. Instead, it crouched and bent bamboo. Bamboo allow ourselves to be directed by the wind tilted. Bamboo rod is flexible, it can be notched or curved. Flexible properties that cause the bamboo tree can survive in a hurricane or typhoon. Flexible properties were able to recover the bamboo upright stance after the storm passed. Another tree confrontation against the wind, but bamboo adapt.
It seems we can learn from bamboo. Do not we also like trees that from time to time by the storm buffeted problems, difficulties, and suffering? What is our attitude to face the strong wind blows? What we are challenging and against the wind like the other trees? Either we will be broken and uprooted. Or are we being flexible like a bamboo tree, which bent and tilted down? With that attitude we can survive and then recover. Flexible properties of curves and arched himself is the secret to survival.
Would we like bamboo, which would crouch down and submit any problems and trust faithfully to the Lord?
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