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Studying for What?

Sometimes, boredom appears in me as a student because a routine that i should follow: waking up, going to school, going back home, doing chores, sleeping, and continue and so on. Routine often makes a lot of  students also became bored and started to leave his duty as a student.

Obviously, I go through all that. Every man has his own problems, but all ended in one goal: maturing himself. Things what I do for this is the attempt to make myself into a meaningful and useful to others because that is the essence of a learning process,  to prepare ourselves for the bigger purpose of others. But, how could you? We learn and strive just for others.

Studying for what

Studying for what

However, we have to make ourselves into meaningful. Because that’s the basic purpose of our lives, that is being useful for others. A study will not mean anything without the others. In learning, we need others, and the application of what we have learned will also need other people. There is an old saying “An iron sharpens another iron, a man sharpens another.”

Therefore, I can conclude that the essence of true learning or education is to prepare people who are willing to learn humility and taught in the community where he lives.

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