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God How Much Do You Love Me?

By Synthia Robinson-Pack

One day in prayer, I felt so alone and lost.
Insecurity then invaded my deepest thoughts.

So I fearfully asked God does He still love me.
He responded, “Yes, throughout all eternity.”

“But God, I felt Your love so very long ago,
I cannot feel it now – has it grown cold?”

He replied, “I am constant because I change not.
My love can never dim but always will be hot.

I can never love you less than I do today,
Regardless of what you do, think or even say.

My love is eternal – it will never end.
It is secure and it can never bend.

It is always there – it will not depart.
It cannot finish because it did not “start.”

My love is holy, unlike love on earth.
It can never be tainted or accursed.

It is longer than an ancient romantic tale.
It will always succeed because it cannot fail.

It grows longer, deeper and even more wide,
Than a proud man looking at his lovely bride.

It is not measured with gifts, promises and acts.
It is simply Truth – just one of the facts.

My love is here for you and will not depart,
Whether you accept it or whether you do not.

If you want to measure My love, you cannot use a stick
Or calendar that you turn or clocks that do tick.

My love cannot be measured because it has no end
You cannot tell where it finishes and where it begins.

Because My love existed long before your birth,
And it will still remain after you leave this earth.

If you want the Truth and overcome the devil’s lies
You can always see My love – just look into My eyes.

© Copyright 2001 by Synthia Robinson-Pack. All rights reserved.

God How Much Do You Love Me

God How Much Do You Love Me

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