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Christmas News Follow-up

Christmas News Follow-up

December has passed
all of the celebration of Christmas is over
Christmas pulpit voiced stop
but there are still good news

News follow-up is intended to:

those who on the day Christ was born
Being sad and sorrow

those who from the beginning of the month
want the tree and decorations
but the price, out of reach

those attending the celebration of Christmas to three times
but the Christmas news coming from the right ear
out again from the left ear

those who on the day of peace
apart from family
miss the warmth of love

those who are on this Christmas
longed supine recovery
and her heart whispered:
God promise is fulfilled

they are alone
who really understand what it means to quiet
and what it’s lonely

they are on festive days
Being stricken

they are stacked pile of Christmas busyness
so solemn of Christmas missed missing

those whose hearts are controlled by hate and envy
or disappointment and anxiety
so that no peace at all

they have bright Christmas lights sparkling
But the thought is dark

to them all
Christmas still has this follow-up news:

Although Christmas has passed
but the barn’s door still can be opened
lantern still burning inside
and the baby was still waiting

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